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Hello all! Welcome to |AoP|'s Clan Website! This site is still under heavy construction so dont be surpirized if something is not working or is taking forever to get into. You might want to check out the Clan Forum's because those are all set and ready to be used! HAVE FUN!



The next members only night will be held on WEDNESDAY (4/9/03) at 8:30 P.M. EST time! PLZ all AoP attend or at least make a real good effort!

  "Server Problems" written by: Ryan Johnson 4/2/2003
Our server has been experiencing heavy lag recently due to a number of factors. One is that we had plug-ins fighting with each other spiking the pings real high. We solved that problem for the most part but we still have lag issues when the round stops and starts up again. We will be working to get to the root of this so that poeple can enjoy our server again.

  "New Design! " written by: Webmaster on 4/2/2003
This is the official site for the |AoP| clan and will be for quite some time.. get use to the site style and layout so that you can enjoy it fully!


.: News Updates :.
4/9/03 : match WON!

today we won our clan match against the H.A.T.E clan 10-2. nice kill job mates! be sure to catch the next clan match!

4/6/03 : match lost :(

today we lost our first match against eP. The final score was 10-9..close but no cigar. We will get them next time boys!

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Name: |AoP|War3 server
Up or Down: UP
Location: Penn, 1.6

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